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Our goal is to inform and educate the wushu community by sharing news and media. We want to help wushu enthusiasts to better understand the art and sport of wushu so that you can achieve your goals to become better athletes, competitors, judges, and coaches. By sharing information and fostering conversations, we hope to support the wushu community and promote this art that we all love so much.

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JIAYO.com originally launched in 2004 by Brandon Sugiyama and its highly trafficked message board was a major hub for the global wushu community for many years.  As internet trends changed, the message board was eventually taken offline in and JIAYO continued as a Tumblr blog and Facebook page. In 2016, Brandon went back to school at the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Upon graduation, he decided to relaunch JIAYO.com with a focus on serving and educating the wushu community.

Brandon Sugiyama is a wushu athlete, competitor and judge from the United States of America. He has competed on the USA Team at the World Wushu Championships, World Traditional Wushu Championships, World Taijiquan Championships and the Pan-American Wushu Championships. Brandon is a certified IWUF wushu judge and continues to practice wushu and taiji in New York City with Sifu Chen Ying.