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IWUF Judging Tables Reformatted

I recently worked on a reformatted version of the A, B and C judging tables from the IWUF 2005 Rules for International Wushu Competition. You can download it here: IWUF_2005_Rules_Tables_v1 …


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Forms for Amateur Wushu Competition

Forms for Amateur Wushu Competition

The following are examples of forms that include choreography that is appropriate for beginner and intermediate divisions in amateur wushu competitions. Different tournaments may have different requirements and may define …

How to Read a Wushu Scoreboard

8th All China Games


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Photos from the 7th World Kungfu Championships

The 7th World Kungfu Championships were held in Emeishan, China from November 7-11, 2017. All photos taken by Brandon Sugiyama. View the entire album of 178 photos on Facebook:

Times Square Taiji Performance

United Nations Wushu Performance

2nd World Taijiquan Championships