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What does it take to B-come a Superior B-Scorer?

By Roger Rosales (Actuary, Wushu Athlete, Wushu Coach, Certified Taolu Judge) You’re sitting in the crowd waiting patiently with eyes fixated on a digital scoreboard. Down on the competition floor, …


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Wushu Interview with Mario Martinez

Interview with Mario Martinez

If you’re watching the World Junior Wushu Championship next week in Brazil, you’ll hear Mario Martinez, commentator for the IWUF’s Wushu TV livestream. Check out our exclusive interview with Mario …


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2018 International Wushu Judges Training Course and New Competition Rules

The International Wushu Judges Training & Certification Course was recently held in Lubbock, Texas from April 15th to 20th. Organized by the International Wushu Federation and hosted by the USA …

Times Square Taiji Performance

United Nations Wushu Performance

2nd World Taijiquan Championships