2016 IWUF International Wushu Judges Certification Course

From May 29th to June 4th, I was one of 6 Americans selected to participate in the 2016 International Wushu Judges Training and Certification Course. We traveled to the famous Wudang Mountains in Hubei province. The USA delegation included Matt Wong, Justin Eggert, Anthony Chen, Hannah Gao Chow, Lynn Xu Lin and myself.

The event was truly international with 238 participants representing 41 countries and 5 continents.

Our time was spent in classroom lectures and training halls with three sessions per day. With expert teaching staff leading the classes, we covered A, B and C judging, as well as reviewing the 3rd set of compulsory forms. We also got a few sneak peaks at upcoming revisions to the international rules.

The week culminated in a written theoretical examination, a physical technical examination and practical examination using a computerized scoring system.

It was an amazing experience to spend time among international wushu athletes, judges and officials. All six of the USA delegation passed the exam and I hope we are able to share what we learned to raise the level of wushu in our country.

Leader: Zhang Yuping

Deputy Leaders: Su Changlai, Cai Zhonglin

Teachers: Lin Xiaomei, Gao Chulan, Huang Jiangang, Liu Zhigang, Yang Yufeng, Zhao Bin, Li Shiying, Liang Yadong

Organizer: International Wushu Federation
Undertaker: Chinese Wushu Association
Co-Organizers: Wudang Mountain International Wushu College, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, Wudang Mountain Tourism Economic Zone

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