1978 China Wushu Championship w/ Jet Li

Jet Li / Li Lianjie 1978 China Wushu

I’m happy to announce a very exciting project! Way back in 2002, I teamed up with my friends Peter Wolf and Raffi Kamalian (www.beijingwushuteam.com) to transfer video of the 1978 China Wushu Competition from tapes we got at the Beijing Sports University to a DVD.

The DVD remained unfinished and it’s been sitting untouched for over 15 years. NOW, I’ve finally committed to sharing the videos! I’ve upscaled the footage to 1080 HD, enhanced the video color, contrast and audio.

PLEASE subscribe to the JIAYO YouTube channel! I’ll be releasing all the videos there: https://www.youtube.com/jiayodotcom?sub_confirmation=1 

This is the first of many videos: Jet Li performing the old compulsory changquan. This is a classic competition with champions Zhao Changjun, Hao Zhihua, Li Xia and many more.

And just for fun, here’s some side by side comparisons.  Who do you think was better?

And here’s a playlist that has all the videos as we post them to YouTube:

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