Interview with Alex Huynh and Matt Berberi: Wushu to Movie Stunts

Alex Huynh and Matt Berberi: Wushu and Stunts

Alex Huynh and Matt Berberi are former wushu competitors who now work in film and television as actors, stuntmen and fight choreographers. Here, they share their stories of how they got into martial arts, their very first job in the entertainment industry, and some of their favorite and most challenging projects.

  • Starting martial arts – 0:53
  • Getting into wushu – 2:25
  • Competing for the Lebanon and USA Wushu Team – 4:22
  • Getting into stunts – 6:30
  • Did wushu prepare you for working in film? – 9:00
  • Working on Into The Badlands – 10:58
  • Working with Will Smith on Hancock – 15:50
  • Working on Netflix Iron Fist – 16:48
  • What do they think of wushu now? – 20:30

Interview and editing by Brandon Sugiyama for


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