1989 International Wushu Competition Routines

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This is a high quality, professional scan of the original 1989 printing of the book, International Wushu Competition Routines. Published in English, this book contains seven of the 1st International Compulsory Taolu including Changquan, Nanquan, Taijiquan, Daoshu, Jianshu, Gunshu and Qiangshu. These are the same forms used for the Group B events at the World Junior Wushu Championships.

Over 300 pages of illustrations and step-by-step descriptions for all movements.

The compilers and writers for these competition routines are: Deng Changli, Wang Jie, Bai Wenxiang, Liu Yuping, Zhang Shan, Zhang Guangde, Li Wenying, Chen Lihong, Li Tianji, Pang Lintai, Zhao Changjun, Yuan Wenqing, Huang Jiangang, Fu Quanzhi, Peng Ying, Men Huifeng, Ji Yue’e, and Li Deyin. Translated by Xie Shoude. Examined and approved by China Wushu Association. Published by Hai Feng Publishing Co., Ltd. 1989.

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