Wushu Archives! Videos from the past!

This is a rare video fo the Beijing Wushu Team’s jibengong training from 1995 at the Shichahai Sports School. Practicing wushu is not just about forms. It is built on a foundation of basics training to continually refine and reenforce the skills, strength, flexibility and coordination to perform high level wushu. Calling these exercises “basics” doesn’t mean that they are easy nor simple. It means that they are at the very core of wushu training. Practice your basics as if they are advanced.
China National Wushu Championship – September, 2002 Zhangzhou, Fujian, China. Brandon Sugiyama and Peter Wolf traveled to Zhangzhou from Beijing in September 2002 to record the China National Wushu Championship. That video footage was later edited and sold on VCD’s by Raffi Kamalian and his BeijingWushuTeam.com website. This video is converted from the original miniDV tapes.
In 2002, Wu Bin hosted a wushu tournament in Beijing. This video was recorded by foreign students from the Beijing Tiyu Daxue (Beijing Sports University) and features competitors from Russia, USA, Japan and China. The first competitor is Daria Tarasova from Russia who would go on to become a European and World Champion. The second competitor is Xu Huixui aka Jade Xu, member of the Italian Wushu Team and also a World Champion.
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